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CHECK IT OUT- Upcoming Eye Walker Studios workshops, events and gatherings:

Ongoing Trust The Brush Intuitive Painting classes at Eye Walker Studios in American Canyon, CA

(Look for date TBA) Lyrical Lines  A Seasonal Soul Painting workshop where we are letting the music lead the painting at the Eye Walker Studios in American Canyon, CA.

Clay Circle Gatherings A brainchild of Eye Walker Studios, a unique bonding and introspective gathering for 4 or more at Eye Walker Studios, American Canyon, CA (date by arrangement)

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What’s it like to paint from your intuition? 

I get asked that question a lot.  And, the best way to sum it up is to say that it is like being bi-lingual, and the 2nd language is made up of colors, shapes, and brushstrokes.  All this stuff inside, sometimes it’s hard to put it all into words, or to get it across in a way that we feel we have succinctly expressed it.  Somehow, when we can paint it, or form it with clay, smoosh it around with a brush or our hands, somehow, we can see it clearer than any string of words can express.  Additionally, once it’s out there on paper, or in an object,  we have it to look at.  Like our perceptions, and memories, how we see what we have created can change over time too.  

If you have ever wanted to paint, even just a little.  If you think that ART is personal, or an expression of the INNER SELF.  If you have wished there was a place where you could paint and not have to worry about it not being good enough.  If you are willing to get messy with paint, shiny with glitter, silly with your imagination.  Then you are ready for some “RADICAL SELF EXPRESSION, AMPLIFIED THROUGH PAINT AND GLITTER!”

In a tiny little funky studio situated in a small town in the wine country of Northern California; is a perfect place to explore your creative side and stretch that muscle on the right side of your brain. 

Eye Walker Studios is an Expressive Arts Studio.  Offering individual and small group Intuitive Painting classes, Art Journaling classes Soul Painting workshops,  and Clay Circle Gatherings.


INTUITIVE PAINTING is painting what is inside you, at that moment, what has meaning for you, what feelings or sensations are happening when you pick up the brush.

Sometimes we are not even aware of what we are feeling.
How many times during the day does someone ask you, “How are you”?, and we answer with “fine!”- without even thinking about it.  Maybe we are having a terrible day, maybe our life is just about falling apart and we are as far from fine as we have ever been but it was just easier to answer with “fine!” because we did not want to explain it.

The canvas in front of you is a safe place to answer the question, How Are You?, truthfully and not having to worry about having to explain it.  It is about being authentic with yourself; with paint and letting the brush move across the paper.  It is not about technique, being precise or being a “good artist”.  Anyone can do it, young or old or in between - no art experience necessary.

There are a lot of different opportunities to paint and create with Eye Walker Studios:

  •  Weekly Intuitive Painting Sessions
  • Art Journal
  • Seasonal Soul Painting Workshops  and Lyrical Lines
  • Clay Circle Gatherings

Does this sound like exactly you are looking for?

Each time the brush to moves about on the canvas there is a spark of recognition.  When you look at what is uncovered in the paint there are familiar things.  Frequently my students say that after a while of sitting with the finished piece it appears different.  Things jump out that had not before.  This process is deep stuff.  It is meditative and healing.  It is soul work.  When you make art in an intuitive manner you are alone with the art, alone with this new creature, you give birth to it.

Then out of the blue something effervescent or whimsical will pop out of a piece.  And you wonder, where on Earth did that came from. That’s a real SMH (shake my head) sort of moment. When I see intuition behaving in such a capricious manner It makes me smile.  It is proof that the process works.  It taps into something deep in our psyche that isn’t there for the world to see in our daily lives.

Here are the basics of what you can expect at Eye Walker Studios:

At Eye Walker Studios I have defined two really distinct areas.

  1. A sacred and comfortable gathering space, otherwise known as “the tea room” where we meet, as a group, at the beginning, at break, and at the end of each class or workshop.  In here the seats are comfy, the table is lit with candles, the tea water is always hot, and hugs are free.  In this sacred space we will address questions about the creative process, celebrate joys and support each other in frustrations.
  2.  A creative studio space, the process is honored, the materials are plentiful and all expression is acceptable.  Each participant will have room to paint small or big.  You will find a surface to rest your materials on, a stool to sit on, an apron to keep you clean, plenty of good light, and more paint than needed.  Honoring the process means that you will be painting quietly, I will always be there to facilitate where needed, as thus, I will check in with you from time to time to see how you are doing, to support you i going deeper and, to help you expand your painting surface.

-Cherol Ockrassa

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