• Ongoing Weekly Intuitive Painting Workshops

One on One by Appointment or in small groups (up to 6)

  • my best days for small groups are currently:
  • Wednesday Mid-day
  •   Wednesday evenings
  • Thursday mornings
  • Friday mornings
  • Friday mid-day

These weekly workshops are 3 hours long and can be paid for individually or discounted at a monthly rate.

Cost: of $35.00 per 3 hour session OR $120.00 for four prepaid sessions, a $20 savings. (months with 5 weeks, the 5th week is reserved for make up or take off)

-Cherol Ockrassa

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“I vaguely remember laying colour over several large connected sheets – non-figurative colour which had progressed over the day in layers. I remember it being somewhat unremarkable, a practice in intuitive choosing, non-judging, not liking choices at times and expanding on them to explore what was there. Nothing especially remarkable seemed to occur until….out of the mystery a strong feeling of wanting to paint a circle in white paint on the middle of the painting surfaced…a white circular line, not too big, not too small, just hanging in the center. As soon as I completed one round of the line, it was as if a doorway opened and I walked through. The only thing I can equate this to is shamanic journey work which I have practiced for over a year now. I was in a heightened state of awareness. The day had been an especially emotional one in the studio; all around me were lots of tears and hushed voices. I had been aware all day of the watery atmosphere overflowing with feelings in which I worked to stay focused on colour, shape, placement. There had been all day a sense of everyone moving in slow motion underwater. I painted the white circular line and then my brush continued to move in slow motion around the circle I had first described, slowly tracing a path both on the painting and in this place holding my awareness. I could feel intensely the sadness and flowing of emotion and moved the brush around and around..letting my awareness flow into and through all the feeling. I could feel my energy holding the circle, as if it would evaporate if I stopped painting. The movement became the energetic thread linking me to the awareness, linking me to this heightened state of knowing. I could feel the brush as it touched the paper, my arm on the other end, a bridge between the act of painting and the awareness and the physical world of the studio, my body, all the other bodies moving within this physical space. I was holding the space to allow me to experience, to allow me to enter this deeper feeling state, to allow deeper insight. I was aware of holding space for the circle in the studio, of being a participant in holding the space and was, for an instant, transported into a future vision of holding the space for my future students. Through me flowed some tears of gratitude and the vision vanished. I returned to the unremarkable painting and the concrete floor and the heat of the lamp. The experience of painting had transported me and nothing about the unremarkable piece of paper with paint on it taped in front of me gave me any need to question that it was the process itself which was the generating force. “-Nan W.–intuitive painting facilitator/teacher, visual artist, creativity coach, sailor