Lyrical Lines (TBA)

Sat.  9-4, Sun.  10-4

Music evokes a marvelous connection to our heart.  It soothes, stimulates, ignites, takes us down memory lane, and congers up images so powerful that it has scientists baffled.

Is your preferred musical style is fast or slow, hip or classical?

Would you like to know what would happen if you let the music move the brush? 

Together, we will do an in-depth study of how music moves us when we create, we will share our experiences with music, talk about the feelings and memories it stirs in us, look at whether or not those come out in our paintings and even explore how that feels, to be influenced by music when we are listening to our intuition. What is it that we are trying to hear? Can we hear it through the music? Do we paint an image because of the music or despite the music?

If you let it sweep you  in color?

all  art material provided

Cost: $140.00



Un-hitching the INNER COWGIRL (dates TBA)

Fri.  6:30-9:30, Sat.  9-4, Sun.  10-4

What better way to kick off the dust on your shoes than with some COWGIRL WISDOM and power in your giddy-up.

Well start the weekend by getting to know each other over a beverage, and express our intention for the weekend.  Then you’ll go home with  journal questions.  We’ll meet each morning for a guided meditation and a movement exercise….then we hit the paint and amplify our inner cowgirl in living color.

As with all of the workshops at Eye Walker Studios, you only need desire, commitment, and a longing to paint from your intuition.  You do not need any art or painting experience.

  • Wear comfortable clothes and bring a bag lunch (sat and sun)
  • Spurs if you got ‘em

(This soul painting workshop meets Friday night for 3 hours, all day Saturday and Sunday until 4pm.  An intensive workshop happens only occasionally and they fill up fast.

Cost: $175.00


-Cherol Ockrassa

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