Oops! Where’d February go?  You would think with this being leap year and having an extra day I would have found the time to send out a newsletter, but alas, I got caught up in the usual creative tail spin and my feet hovered above the organization elements of the newsletter realm and I resisted touching down long enough to assemble all of this good stuff into a newsletter.

Recently a fellow creative goddess and nurturer of the intuitive process, Nan Weed, of Eye of Fire Studio graciously asked that I speak to the process from the first person.  So, I sent her this:

Painting from my intuition, and really allowing the process to do all the work is oddly natural and feels like 2nd nature.  It’s like me, having a real “sit your bottom down” conversation with myself.  Thoughts and ideas that showed up were deeper, not superficial, and not easily dismissed when I faced them in my painting.  Things appeared that I had no idea were there, and now that I see them, they belong there, they make sense.  Everything that I painted came out exactly in a way that spoke to me, It didn’t matter that the images weren’t perfect, in fact it didn’t matter at all what the images looked like, and because I didn’t worry about the beauty or the perfection it was like truly being in the right side of my brain without any distractions at all.
What an amazing process this is.  Allowing my intuition to take the brush and paint, and knowing that it would be okay.

And there is more good stuff  underlying that I want you to know, so, over this and the next newsletter(sometime around April 1st)  I’ll explore and divulge in depth about my experience with creativity and intuition, so hold on to something solid, this may just make your feet hover a bit too.

So let’s get started and break it apart sentence by sentence:

  • Painting from my intuition, and really allowing the process to do all the work is oddly natural and feels like 2nd nature.

Working backwards, what does it mean when something feels like 2nd nature?  Learning and practicing a new habit can become 2nd nature, and I don’t know about you but that is harder than it sounds.  Flossing my teeth, despite my best efforts, has never become 2ndnature.  Using the blind hem

capability on my sewing machine, despite the fact that it should be easier…well, every time I have to rip out the first attempt because I will have folded it wrong.

And, curious enough, using the manual modes on my 35mm camera is 2nd nature for me, so is caring for my beautiful grandson Santiago and putting him down for a nap.

When something feels like 2nd nature, it’s doesn’t mean that you are necessarily doing it without thinking about it, and it doesn’t mean it has to be easy either.  For me, it’s connections like those between: need and desire, consideration and thought, puzzling and planning, and, trial and error; with a smattering of guestimations, lessons, previous experience, skills from my past, and comfort with the desired consequences even though there could be variables that may need to be adjusted for and results may not be exactly what I anticipated.  Somewhere in there too, is the knowing that, if I stumble or need more information, I trust I can get it or get around it. Some people find it 2nd nature to try new things, I do this somewhat, but I pull heavily from the trust that more information is available if I need it.  Wow, I am so glad all of that is “2nd nature” and behind the scenes because that sounds really hard when I read it.  I guess, in summary, 2nd nature is all of these wild calculations a bee has to make as he dives, just because he does, deep into a flower he has never seen before to gather the pollen and fly back to the hive with this extra weight.  2nd nature is the JUST BECAUSE HE DOES part.  It’s his process.

  • It’s like me, having a real “sit your bottom down” conversation with myself.  Thoughts and ideas that showed up were deeper, not superficial, and not easily dismissed when I faced them in my painting. Things appeared that I had no idea were there, and now that I see them, they belong there, they make sense. 

This is about paying attention.  Years ago, and much earlier in my intuitive painting journey I proclaimed to Chris Zydel, my mentor in expressive arts, that “I’m on a need to know basis, and I don’t need to know!”   Well, that still holds true for me, and I suspect that won’t change.  Sometimes, it’s a wonder that I don’t get whiplash from shaking my head in disbelief that I a) have the skill to paint these images when I need it, and b) that my intuitive self, my core, needed to paint them at all. Conversations with myself happen constantly in this process.  So much so that I could get sighted for talking to myself, although from my perspective I am talking to and listening to my core, my intuition, my inner child.  This is the power of the process, the engagement of your intuition and still being able to witness in the 1stperson.  Images are

powerful when they show up.  Even if the image seems insignificant, merely that the process brought them out, that they came from your core; when you finish a piece, and stand back for the first time to look at the whole thing, those images will belong exactly where and when they showed up.

“Even today the most jaded city dweller can be unexpectedly moved upon encountering a clear night sky studded with thousands of twinkling stars. When it happens to me after all these years it still takes my breath away.” Carl Sagan, Pale Blue Dot: A Vision of the Human Future in Space

This spring is proving to be a fruitful season of glorious color and expansion….lots and lots of expansion!  With   weekly Trust the Brush Intuitive Painting Classes, weekly Art Journaling Workshops, graciously supported by the City of American Canyon, and Eye Walker Studios being ON THE ROAD!  YES, you heard that right, on the road!  Well let me just say; you want a piece of this! FOR SURE!

Get Your Paint On Parties

I will set up an intuitive play/paint space on your dining table, for as many people who can comfortably fit around it.  If this sounds really exciting to you, and you in Northern California, contact me, see if you are in my travel area ( 30miles or one hour, whichever is greater) then get at least 4 friends committed to an evening of FuN.  Sounds like a terrific way to throw a girls night that they will be talking about for a very long time.  All you need is a table that will seat all your friends around it.  Read on, there is more information below. Eye Walker Studios

Spring is a great time of year to strengthen your muscles, but don’t forget your

creative muscle! Strengthen it, help it grow, feed it, and it will take you far! As always, there are all kinds of wonderful opportunities to stretch your creative muscle at Eye Walker Studios and the information about upcoming classes, workshops and events are listed below.

What’s so great about painting at Eye Walker Studios is that you already have everything you need to participate.  You don’t need special materials, training or experience, and you don’t have to ask for anything from Santa.  As my student, you just show up with an open mind, desire and in comfortable clothes.  I provide the tea, and anything else you might need.

The workshops are just a couple of hours once a week and there is no long commitment to sign.

It’s never too late to start your intuitive painting journey and tap into your strengths or look your weaknesses square in the face at an Eye Walker Studios workshop American Canyon.

Expressive arts are process orientated, not product driven.  My tagline “Radical Self Expression Amplified through Paint and Glitter”, might sound scary to some people; it means simply that the benefit to you the student is the freedom to draw, paint, shape and express all by following your instinct and intuition.  You’re never corrected, graded or compared, so there is no wrong way to do it.  This is a creative and frankly, a playful experience.

UPCOMING classes AND Parties

TrUSt ThE BrUsH Intuitive Painting

Where: Eye Walker Studios, American Canyon, CA
with 3 different class times to choose from

  1. Monday mornings (9am-12noon)
  2. Tuesday midday (10:30am-1:30pm
  3. Friday early-afternoon (12noon-3pm)
    Cost: of $35.00 per 3 hour session OR $120.00 for four prepaid sessions, a $20 savings. (months with 5 weeks, the 5th week is reserved for make up or take off)  Art Supplies are provided.

If you’ve ever wanted to paint, even just a little.  If you think that art is personal, that it tells a story about a life, an experience, a love, a pain. If to spend a little quiet time feeds your soul.  You get bathed in moments of introspection and you lose track of time.  If the deliciousness of making something entirely from your heart and through your hands lingers on your palette. If you can feel color.  Come hang out with some really awesome, soulful, creative people just like you.

Everything is already set up for your experience.  The teapot is hot.  Where the glitter pours like sunshine.  The floor is splattered, the light is bright, and the paper is thirsty.  Come paint

Spring is a great time of year to strengthen your muscles, but don’t forget your creative muscle! Strengthen it, help it grow, feed it, and it will take you far!


Session # 43300.103 III April 4, 11, 18, 25 Wed 8:30-10:30am
Session # 43300.104 IV May 2, 9, 16, 23, 30 Wed 8:30am-10:30am


You’ll need the session number when you sign up through the city


The City of American Canyon, has generously offered me an opportunity to present this class in one of their facilities.

Here are the details:

An Art Journal is a visual diary, a place for your thoughts, images,
ideals, dreams, and to remember your day. It’s a safe place to explore
your innermost self. Together we will find ways to express all of that in
your very own Art Journal. Our class will be using craft materials and
acrylic paints so comfortable clothes are
essential. Join us as no experience is required!
Ages: All ages
Instructor: Cherol (Eye Walker Studios)
Location: Recreation Center
2185 Elliott Drive
Fee: Residents: $30/session; Non-Residents: $35/session

Special Note: Participants will need to purchase a blank journal ( minimum 70# paper)
for this class. Contact instructor for details. Also, the class minimum
is 6 and the maximum is 18. For more information, please contact
American Canyon Parks and Rec Staff at @ 707-648-7275  or Cherol directly

 Get Your Paint On! Parties (goes live in March 2012)


These parties are an at-home expressive art experience in Northern California, more specifically, north of San Francisco Bay.  These parties take place in your home, at your work, or even outdoors; it’s your choice.  This can be a way to build teamwork, bond, get silly, have a reunion, a birthday party, bunko date, bridge club, girls night, mother-daughter tea, or mom’s night out.

What’s needed:

You supply the place, your friends, and the munchies.

What’s included:

I bring all the art supplies, set-up and I even clean it up after. Everyone has a really unique piece of art that they make on their own and take home.

The mouse print:

Because this is an expressive arts experience and there is no telling what your lovely guests will paint I have to mention that the images can be PG13 or R rated.  We are using Acrylic paints that dry quickly and can stain clothing, so I recommend casual clothes.  I bring a table cloth and can even provide a ground cloth to cover surfaces in your home.

What to serve munchies and beverages, sure, I’m game, finger foods are best, and be responsible, we all have to drive home you know.  With your open heart and awesomriffic hostessness with the mostessness together we can create a party night what is loaded with creativeness, coolness, wackiness  and, goddess-glitteriffic memories.  Don’t wait to schedule a party




   Be not afraid of growing slowly; be afraid only of standing still.
Chinese Proverb