kree-ey-tiv-i-tee, aka: Creativity


1.the state or quality of being creative.

2. the ability to transcend traditional ideas, rules, patterns, relationships, or the like, and to create meaningful new ideas, forms, methods, interpretations, etc.; originality, progressiveness, or imagination.

And that’s a great place to start.  Have a little creativity, or a desire to do something non-traditional.  Funny thing is, when I was five years old I didn’t worry about doing anything non-traditional, and I don’t think you did either.  Yet, to make something as an adult, something new, different and outside of the box, we are told to be creative.  When I was five I just wanted to covet my eight crayons and some paper and draw a house with a great big tree and a little tiny window.  The house and the tree were the only thing I was thinking of.  I was spontaneous with my drawing, I drew everywhere I could, and when I found out that I shouldn’t draw in the book my grandfather was reading or on the wall, well, I recovered quickly and found a clean piece of paper to draw on.  Nothing stood in my way of drawing my house and tree.

So what happened to that pure freedom to draw from that place where creativity wasn’t anything you needed but something you already had?  Well, we put away the crayons, someone took away our recess and graham crackers.  We lost our nap to coffee breaks, and we became exposed to critics, both internal and external.

If this makes you think of the drawings you did as a child, or you wish you could harness that carefree spirit to make art again, and then continue to check back on this site  Together, let’s look for ways to explore ways to uncover your inner child artist and draw again.


#1 Right Brain Way

If I were on Venus I would be a Venetian, and if I were on Mars I would be a Martian.  I am creating in my right brain so that makes me a Creation.  I am a Creation, who is hanging out in her right mind.  What a lovely thought.  I had always assumed I was in my right mind, but popular opinion at any given moment can waiver and well, let’s just say the jury may be out to recess.  I hope they are playing kickball.

First let me address my new address, #1 Right Brain Way,  Over the last several years I had experienced this place, dabbled in expression, and made a great deal of memories there.  But, I had never seriously considered the weight of actually living there, until recently anyway.  This last December I launched the second half of my life with my 50th Birthday, It seems only fitting that I should make the move to live intentionally from here on out.

A dozen or so years ago I happened upon my first expressive arts workshop, The Painting Experience, with Stewart Cubley, and what I didn’t know at the time was that it was much more than an art workshop that I had stumbled upon, it wasn’t really a “brick and mortar” place, rather, it was a place I could pull out of myself and where I could go to intentionally use my creative voice.  All I had to do was find my other vocal chords and hook them up to my Right Brain.  I was intrigued with this process from that first introduction.  Exploring it further and in a bit more intimate setting helped me to discover that I had all the tools I needed.  Shortly after my first exposure to this kind of process I found a flyer for an ongoing class, Painting from the Wild Heart with its founder Chris Zydel.  Continuing the work at regular intervals gave me that intimate setting where I learned to express from my right brain.

Fast forward to the second half of my life and the infancy of my Right Brains life.  Wow!  To even state that here in written word seems remarkable.  Living at #1 Right Brain Way is true to my living intentionally, it is using my voice, and it is a beautiful and foreign way of life.  Mind you, beginning a life in a foreign land is not without its set of obstacles; the first few of which I have already had some experience with.

  • Not everyone understands my new form of expression.  My husband wants to call each painting, art and wants to see nice pretty landscapes where I may have painted painful and disturbing images.  For him, the concept of not setting out to paint anything in particular seems counter intuitive; funny, because I explain it as intuitive painting.
  • I recently returned from a week long intensive of living in my new Right Brain residence.  No TV, no newspapers, and little contact with the outside distractions that I normally surround myself with.  After which I struggled to readjust to the linear left brain world I had left behind.  Boy did I come across as and feel cranky.  How rude, that people, especially the ones I called family, should want me to multitask and do math.  All while my Right Brain was shouting out colors, shapes and images.  Well, all is not lost, these two sides of my brain can live symbiotically, it is just that each needs to be patient with the other.  Something I am still working on.

Stay tuned, there will be more obstacles and I will offer up my lessons as I learn them, but for now you’ll find me, with paint and paper, at

#1 Right Brain Way.

Eye Walker Studios


The Calm and stress relieving practice of Mental Yoga

Mental yoga, as with yoga of any kind is calm, contemplative and stress releasing.  It can also be introspective and revealing.

The right side of your brain has a voice of its own.  When you give it room and or the free reign to express itself you may find it wildly surprising.  It feels delicious, even decedent to be exercising, toning and stretching the Right Brain Voice with a form of mental yoga.

3 Simple Reasons to do a form of mental yoga

  1. Release Stress
  2. Hear your Right Brains voice
  3. Reveal hidden desires

You don’t need much to get started on your own Mental Yoga practice, just calm lighting (natural light is best), quiet (tv and music off, phone turned down), supplies to create with if inspired, and a little bit of time.

  • Sit in a comfortable place
  • Breathe
  • See before you your art or writing supplies
  • Give yourself permission
  • Follow your intuition and see what happens


Responding Genuinely to the Process

AKA: Trusting the process

Painting intuitively is a resolve to do so.  It is very different than waking from a dream and wanting to paint the house you explored in the dream, or paint the baby elephants you were feeding at the circus.  It is different than wanting to paint the sunset or waterfall you saw on your vacation, or the flower your daughter gave you.

While those images would make wonderful works of art, they aren’t true to the process.  Intuitive painting is the process; it is the freeing motion of being drawn to a color, and allowing for that color to show up on the paper in an instinctual shape.  It is an unconditional act.  The paper only asks you to allow yourself to do what you are called to do.

As an intuitive painter you are on a journey.  The images you struggle with will continue to pop up.  Trusting the process is a lot like when you were a child and you allowed a friend to lead you with your eyes closed.

It’s quite possible that the images seen in your dream will show up in your painting.  The brain knows what it knows and wants to tell your story, both in your dreams and on the paper.  Intuition is powerful and spontaneous.  It has to an ability to create, change, and enchant. 

You are both the artist and the audience to the process.  You are the vehicle through which your intuition expresses and the driver all at the same time.

If you are ready to set forth on this strange wonderful journey; ready to watch this wonderful production of your intuition; wondering if this long strange trip is for you….

Then come and paint with me


Stranger Danger!!!

Stranger Danger Alert:  Who is that woman?, what is she doing in my painting?, who put her there?.

Okay, this has happened before, but with inanimate objects like houses and piano keyboards.  This time, there is a person in the painting.

The history: resistance, struggle, desire, blocks.  After I painted it it continued to pull me Driven by the desire in the painting.  Driven to follow that desire and break through the blocks.

Discovered when she was ready to be seen?  Did she appear on her own, without your efforts?  YES, a thousand times YES, She appeared through your intuition!

All very intriguing, isn’t it?!

While in the process, you’re on a need to know basis and you don’t need to know any of these answers, or why something showed up while painting

The process is alive, loaded with questions and all very intriguing.  You may never know why that woman showed up on your painting, or you may know immediately. 


Suppose for a moment, that your computer was not available for the next month

Would it alter your life in any way?

Would your life be different for just that month or longer?

Would it be more than just your computer experience that was altered?

My answers: Yes, hopefully longer, yes

Just a few moments ago I marked close to 200 emails as read without reading them.  I didn’t expect to feel the sense of relief that I felt.  I expected to sit in worry that there was something important I would miss out on.  That was, in fact, the reason they remained marked as unread in the first place.

During the last month I have been without my laptop.  I learned quickly that I could check and respond to emails, facebook, twitter, and search the internet on my Ipod touch.  Phew!  I was not totally without my would wide virtual connections.  Still there were obstacles and issues that frustrated me and made me long for the return of Lappy.  I could not print, update this website like I wanted to, maps were impossible to navigate, pictures were miniscule, keyboarding, although entertaining at times, was awkward and I missed my entire Itunes library.

My laptop lost its hard-drive and other software capabilities. Subsequently, any photos or files that were not backed up or shared on a social networking website, I lost.  Backup has a heightened importance for me now.

But talk about freeing!

The clutter is also gone, all of those un-categorized bookmarks, redundant files, redundant photos and ancient holiday newsletters. 

I feel renewed, like I hit the ground running, lighter.  I plan to be pickier about the websites I bookmark and better about keeping a list of them, maybe by dragging them onto a virtual notepad somewhere, rather than the endless list of bookmarks. 

This experience reminded me of what we do at Eye Walker Studios before we set out to paint in the studio.  Before each painting session we sit as a small group and remove our coats, we wipe off the dust from the day, handle a couple of important issues, and breathe.  It’s freeing, renewing, lightening.

I hope that you are able to come and paint with us at Eye Walker Studios.  Follow this website, tweet me, facebook me, email, call, skype, google+…..however you can, connect with me and we will work out a workshop time that works for you.

Intuitive painting is a little like approaching a fresh computer, only better! ; WINK WINK

-Cherol Ockrassa

© 2011-2014 Eye Walker Studios

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