New Works

#courtesy. A participation/installation piece. Currently $NFS
#45lies. this piece includes mid century, ceramic, nail-back signage letters. 49″x49″, $2,000.00 this is a substantial and fairly heavy piece, so I have installed a unique cleat hanging system on the back.
Asleep In The balance Acrylic on Canvas. 41″x66″, $2,400.00 framed at top and bottom by an aluminum banner system
Your Packaging is Breaking my Heart Made from recycled single use plastics 41″x41″, $1,000.00
A collaborative piece with Artist, Doug Cooper. Mixed Media, 49″x49″x10 1/2″, $2,000.00 A living art piece. This piece includes 2 directional lighting fixtures that can alter and change the shadowing of the boats on the blue (water) field.
#140characters. Mid century ceramic nail-back signage letters were used in this piece. $1,000.00 this piece comes with a unique cleat hanging system

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