Special Projects

Lipstick Art Project (2018)

This is the art project by Northern California Artist Cherol Ockrassa.

Lipstick 💄 wearers, Makeup distributors and associates… Hi everyone. I have an ask. I’m working on a conceptual piece around the #metoo movement, and I am in need of partially used lipsticks. (They will be encased in epoxy)

Is your makeup drawer in need of cleaning up? I’d love your old lipsticks. Any color, actually I’d Love some unusual colors to show up along with the standards. Worn down to barely used…. I need a lot, so ask your significant others, daughters, mother’s, sisters, friends, neighbors. Join the  Lipstick Art Project Facebook Group to find out how you can participate and follow the progress.

Mural Project 2017

Lawler House Mural Sept. 23- Oct 7 primary artist creating a mural on the side of The Lawler House Gallery, 718 Main St., Suisun, Ca. The subject of the mural is an impressionistic image of the iconic Suisun lighthouse and surrounding waterfront, based on an original photograph by Lawler House Artist Dennis Ariza

Artist In Residence 2017

Featured Artist In Residence Come watch me paint, from start to finish, I will be painting in the front window of the FSVAA Gallery at Solano Town Center, Fairfield, Ca. Dates and times:

September: 9/14 2-4pm, 9/15 12-3pm, 9/21 20-4pm, 9/22 12-2pm

October: 10/13 2-4pm, 10/19 2-4pm, 10/26 11-1pm (I plan on finishing and signing the piece during this time)
If I finish the piece before that date, I will bring in a smaller painting to work on.