The art show #hashtag (feat: lipstick art project)

This started as the Lipstick Art Project, a work of art to validate all of those affected by sexual harassment, and the #metoo movement. As quickly as I had set out to make this piece materialize, I recognized that I had so much more to say around social issues and, looking back at recent works I had completed, I was already well into a body of work that could become a show.

So, on with the show!

October 12 through October 27, 2018

Coal Shed Studios – NEW LOCATION

110 Pintado, Bldg 515 – Mare Island, Vallejo, CA.

At the corner of C street and Waterfront

Opening Reception, Saturday October 13, 4-9pm (doors open at noon)

Closing Reception, Saturday October 27, 4-9pm (doors open at noon)

Open Thursdays through Sundays , 12-6pm

( small bites and refreshments will be available at the receptions)

More than fifteen works are included in this collection addressing over a dozen socially relevant issues. Less about her; this show offers a unique setting to have your experiences with these issues validated. Two participation pieces offer you the chance to interact with and be part of the art.

Included in the show will be the long awaited piece #metoo, the Lipstick Art Project*.

Opening Reception, Saturday October 13, 4-9pm

Closing Reception, Saturday October 27, 4-9pm

Open Thursdays through Sundays, 12-6pm

*Note: if you had wanted to donate lipsticks to the lipstick art project, you can still bring them to the show and have them included in an overflow receptacle.


  • UPDATE on Lipstick Art Project: as of Sep. 29, 2018, The piece is complete. I will post a picture here on this page, and likewise, it will be unveiled at the solo show #hashtag on October 13th, 2018
    Oct. 12-27 2018*, Coal Shed Studios, Mare Island, Vallejo, Ca.*Receptions: Opening-Oct. 13 4-9pm, Closing-Oct. 27 4-9pm
  • Thank you to everyone who supported, spread the word, donated, collected and sent in lipsticks. Your generosity in time, lipsticks, and well wishes made all the difference and together we made an impressive piece of art like none other.


Thank you for your support and generosity. The outpouring of support and interest around this work has fed my momentum and made me a better artist.

see you there,