Lipstick Art Project (conceptual)

This is the art project by Northern California Artist Cherol Ockrassa.

Lipstick 💄 wearers, makeup distributors and associates…
Hi everyone,
I have an ask.

I’m working on a conceptual piece and I am in need of partially used lipsticks. (They will be encased in epoxy)

Is your makeup drawer in need of cleaning up? I’d love your old lipsticks. Any color, actually I would love some unusual colors to show up along with the standards.
Worn down to barely used….I need them in all conditions and I need a lot, so ask your significant others, daughters, mother’s, sisters, friends, neighbors, etc.

I’d be able to set up a time to meet you (if you’re in Northern California) and pick them up, or we can do the shipping thing. contact me for address or you can join the Lipstick Art Project Facebook Group to participate and follow the progress.

If you have access to industry spoils or 2nds that’s even better. I can also provide a statement of intent if needed.

What’s the finished piece going to be?
It’s really difficult to say exactly what it will look like, not having very many lipstick tubes yet. But here is the concept:

Lipstick is personal, intimate, consumable, feminine, sensual.
How a tube of lipstick is worn down, the color chosen, these things tell a story.
A story unique to the wearer.

So much literature, and so many pop culture references have prominently featured lipstick. Over the years a  mystique has developed around the lipstick tube, and the use of it.

Right now, in a time when we address, so profoundly, the objectification of women in the #metoo movement, it occurs to me that a piece of this nature is an epic opportunity.

Without giving more details away; each lipstick tube will be preserved in its unique state of wear. From mashed up by a child playing dress up, to softly rounded evenly and precisely by the most seasoned and carefully manicured wearer.

Each tube will represent a group of wearers who has for one moment, or countless years, felt judged, valued, used, abused, or otherwise wrongfully considered because of their appearance, or gender.

Thanks for hanging out and reading about my conceptual work. I look forward to you following it’s development, and I hope you are inspired to join the Lipstick Art Project Facebook Group .

see you there,