Find A Reason To Smile

This one is unique in that I painted it entirely with my left hand, and having never completed anything other than backgrounds or scribbles with a brush in that hand before. You see I’m right-handed, and on the first weekend of June of 2015 I had a bad fall and crushed my right wrist and fractured my left elbow. I sustained serious enough injuries in my right wrist that I needed surgery and they installed a metal plate to hold the bones in place. My left elbow sustained a fracture, minor enough that it did not need a cast; thankfully. Not having a cast gave me an opportunity to paint what I thought would only be backgrounds, albeit very slowly and it short intervals in my studio.
Lo and behold, the right side of my brain wasn’t content with just backgrounds. This painting was grown out of that right hand was still casted when I painted this, and I was looking at 3 to 6 months of physical therapy ahead of me. Will I paint more using only my left hand, I’d say the chances are good. Only time will tell.

This painting was a lesson, and it taught me that even in a setback, and despite difficulties and pain, despite fear and anxiety… can always “Find A Reason To Smile”