…Forest For The Trees

...Forest For The Trees, 30"x30", $900.00
Acrylic on canvas. The image wraps around the 3/4" deep canvas. 30"hX30"w $900.00

In some ways I miss my corporate life. In other ways there’s not a whole lot I miss about it. I go to the coffee shop at the ferry building and watch people stand in line on their smart phones waiting for The boat, and they never say a word to each other and I go on the boat with them to the city I’m watching other people interact with this virtual world, their friends on Facebook, Instagram, checking their email, texting their friends… But never looking at the person next to them. And it’s always been that way, even before smart phones there were newspapers, and books, documents to review… Always a way to not interact with people you didn’t know. Although I think it’s really interesting how many thousands of people were connected to on the www that we don’t know, and we’re so in tune with what is going on ‘there’, forsaking what is going on in our immediate lives. Sometimes we have a difficult time seeing the beautiful forest we are in because we are surrounded by all of these trees.