A Cut Above

A Cut Above, 30"x30", $300.00
Acrylic and mixed media on canvas. The image wraps around the 3/4" deep canvas. 30"hX30"w $300.00

A super painting of a super cow. A colorful addition to just about any area of your home.
This is the story of a beautiful creature who just wants to be what she is, but we ask and force, brutally, so much from her. She just wants to be a cow, running freely in wild oat fields. Drinking from streams and occasionally chasing butterflies. But she never will. Instead we will force her to process hormones and antibiotics. She will be confined to a cruel, dirty, small cage and mechanically milked like clockwork until she is old, giving gallons and gallons of milk, all because we think human milk is disgusting, ignoring the fact that we are the only species that demand and consumes milk from another species.
And don’t get me started with the falsehood that it’s the best source for calcium and vit D or A, which have to be added to the final product, hence the word fortified.
Super cow will be artificially inseminated several times, never nurse her own offspring and we will repeat the cycles with her babies, as they too will be born into servitude.
When super cow is dried up as a nursemaid for humanity she will be sold for her meat and butchered.
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