On The Bright Side Of The Hill

SOLD* On The Bright Side Of The Hill, 48"x48",
SOLD* Acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas. The image wraps around the 1 1/2" deep canvas. 48"hX48"w

It takes a certain type of person to live in the middle of a vast open fields. There is a winery near us that has a long driveway, across from this long driveway is hills covered with crops, and in the middle is one house. The road to it is obviously on the backside, and there are no neighbors in sight– anywhere– I find myself wondering who built the house, who lives there, are they living their dream, are the connected to the rest of the world the way I am, are they self sufficient, is the house teaming with life I just can’t see, and are they as happy as I imagine they are?