Thanks For The Bag Captivity Series #001

Some of the imagery in my paintings lately can make the viewer uncomfortable. I’m actually more than okay with that. I think there is a lot to be said for art that causes you to think, or complete the sentence.
This is one of those images. The silhouette of a feminine form without many details, plastic shopping bags, birds, and a birdcage with a dead bird in it.
If you are more than a few decades old then you remember a time when all the bags were paper, and sometimes they were even string tied packages. Then plastics came became the thing. Oh sure they were cheap, convenient, and colorful. And we were given them. Left and right, and lots of them. We never asked for them, they just became standard fare. Without giving any thought to the environmental or ecological ramifications we accepted the flexibilities of plastic.
Now we are finding ourselves having to reverse the impact, and change the mindset, reverse our dependency, and fight for the environment, for the wildlife, for our planet.
This painting asks you to put a face on the fight; to put your face on it. Say no to excess, to plastics, and demand the planet be healed, that wildlife be protected.