Share The Rainbow

We live in a really interesting time, when the differences between classes the differences between the have and the have nots are not as easy to see.
On one side it’s easy to see where the corporate world looks like it supports workers, provides resources and Opportunities for a stable living environment but when you remove yourself from the superficial glamour and glitz it’s just as easy to see the faults, the pollution, the inequality of conditions, lack of resources and opportunities.
And, around the corner, on the other side, too many times people, individuals and families are struggling to just live, and there are even more that we don’t see, that we walk right past. They have less than nothing.
No matter which direction you look, every place that you stand still for a moment there will always be those that to us appear to have more or less, and those that have nothing.

This painting shows that there is darkness on both sides, there are things lacking everywhere. You Can shine a light on those areas that others don’t see there is darkness. You can share the light with those that don’t have enough. You can be the light, you can be the Rainbow Bright.