Don’t I Look Pretty!

Aside from the very obvious youthful nature of this painting, and how darling this would be in a dressing room, guest room, bedroom, or closet; I can imagine the corners of your mouth are holding back an expression of delight. My very intent.
When we are young we surround ourselves with the things that delight us, adorning our space with spur of the moment fanciful gestures, souvenirs, treasures of our lives. This youth-full girl has dressed up in all of her favorite things; and rightfully so, declares: ‘Don’t I look pretty!’.
Not a question, but a statement; and of confidence, of unique identity.
Do you see a little of yourself in her? I see a little of her in you. I do, I see it in your personal style, the items you have kept with you all these years, in your confidence, in the care you take in your persona.
This is a painting about me, about you, about your unique beauty, your confidence. It’s a power painting. A talisman.