Special Projects

Mural Project 2017 Lawler House Mural Sept. 23- Oct 7 primary artist creating a mural on the side of The Lawler House Gallery, 718 Main St., Suisun, Ca. The subject of the mural is an impressionistic image of the iconic Suisun lighthouse and surrounding waterfront, based on an original photograph by Lawler House Artist Dennis … More Special Projects

All Paintings

This is a complete collection of paintings available. Click on an image to view it and scroll through the images.  Each one has information below the image.  Please email me cherol@eyewalkerstudios.com with the title of the painting you would like to purchase and I will answer you within a couple of hours to begin the purchase … More All Paintings

Abstract paintings

I paint intuitively, that means that I don’t have an end result in mind when I start, and as a matter of fact, the painting may take many forms before it is clear what the end result may be. That’s not to say that there are times when I come into a painting with strong … More Abstract paintings

Captivity Series

This series is really a narrative on the relationships, expectations, limitations, and in general how our existence encumbers and affects the living conditions of creatures that cannot otherwise speak for themselves. While some images appear tongue and cheek, or do not clearly illustrate a relationship with our existence, there is rich enough content in the … More Captivity Series