Artist Statement

Reflecting on the diversity of my skills and the vast variety of hats I have worn over the years, I can see one very strong and common thread; I like to listen, and in doing so, question assumptions.   Being attentive this way has greatly influenced my most current work.

Story is integral to the creation of my artwork, both as a source of material and inspiration.

I’m inspired by universal stories and moments in life that I feel need to be heard, represented, and witnessed. Maybe I see inspiration in that moment when water pools between stones in a tidepool and upends a small creature, maybe it’s a story in the news, or how I feel when I reflect on humanity.

I have empathy for the human condition and life in general, for the struggle of those that cannot speak for themselves, and, for those to come that will have to live in the world we leave them. The images I paint and the 3-d artworks I create are sometimes unexpected and colorful. People often respond to my work by saying that they connect deeper, and see more, the longer they consider it. I combine listening, intuition, and exploration, and use a mix of bold imagery, whimsy, and juxtaposition. It is my hope. That through this combination, that my art prompts you to think about how you see the world.

The process is as important as the resulting artwork, and I am guided by the lessons I learn and the mistakes I make. Stretching limitations, and the malleability of the materials I use typically encourages me to work harder and create surprises. This practice frees me from the expected outcome and reminds me at every turn that we have only begun to understand what can be accomplished with diverse creativity, materials, and resources; I believe this is true in so many ways, and on a much larger scale.

My work includes many mediums and subject matter, but they show a cohesive exercise in curiosity, an embrace of the provocative, and a need for combining listening and intuition, to create a rich narrative. It is my hope that my art prompts you to think, and in thinking, you delight in a heightened experience of this human condition.

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