Artist Statement

In general, I’ve held a wide variety of positions in my life. Reflecting on the diversity of my skills I can see one very strong and common thread, I like to listen, and in doing so, to question assumptions. Listening this way has greatly influenced my most current works; many of which are allegorical.

I’m inspired by stories of life that I feel need to be heard. I have an enormous amount of empathy for the human condition and life in general, for the struggle of those that cannot speak for themselves, and, for those to come that will have to live in the world we leave them. The images I paint are bold and colorful. People often respond to my work saying that they see more and understand more, the longer they look at it. I combine listening, intuition and paint to create a rich narrative on the human condition, using a mix of bold imagery, whimsy, and juxtaposition. It is my hope that my art prompts you to think about how you see the world.

I work in acrylic paints and mediums on canvas. I also have been dabbling in ceramics, both of these mediums are malleable and versatile. I like that.

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